Alec was born in San Jose, CA and grew up listening to great Bay Area bands like Montrose, Journey, and Santana.  He started on violin before kindergarten but knew early on that he really wanted to play guitar when he would strum his violin.

He finally got a guitar for his 14th birthday and fell deeply in love with the instrument.  He started gigging in college, playing in bands with almost-clever names such as “Miss Directed” and “Rude Frenz”.  Most recently, he played with Denver-based band “Breaking Silence”.

Alec’s primary influences include David Gilmour, Randy Rhodes, Malcolm Young, and Mick Jones.  His playing is a cocktail of melody, funk, and aggression that reflects his diverse musical influences. He is currently developing material for a solo project with a working name of “Morgan Hill”.

Alec is an administrator on The Gear Page and can often be found posting in the Digital Gear and Live Sound/Recording sections there.